Guiding Principles

Guiding principles are agreements that feel good and support this vision. Just like you and I they grow, shift and change. Some over time are dropped and some new are birthed and added.

Be Here, Now

Presence, Immediacy

We are here, first and foremost, to be here. We choose to embody right here, right now for many reasons. We choose the immediate experience available to us right now rather than sacrificing this moment for some imagined future.

The past has already happened. The future is yet to come. This moment is the only place that we can choose anything. We choose to slow down and be present to all the input and guidance the universe has to offer us in this moment. We are hopping onto the big luxurious couch of right now. We can access memories of the past and dreams of the future without loosing touch with what is happening and coming to us right now. As soon as we loose touch with the present in wishing that we were in some imagined place in the future or a recollection of the past or that we could change something that has already happened or worry about the endless possibilities, we loose touch with our divine connection in this moment.


“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” We recognize ourselves to be at choice in every moment. We recognize that our choice and intention are magick and create the universe around us. We respect and encourage all beings of all ages, race, species or universe to exercise their free will. We try to infringe on other beings freedom as little as possible and seek compromise that allows all to get what they want.


We see the divine in all that surrounds us. We recognize a universal oneness of which we are a part, while simultaneously choosing to invite “the other” to exist in our universe. We strive for our only expectation is to be surprised. We nurture and encourage paths that are not our own. We do our best to leave spaces and resources better than what we found them. Pack it in. Pack it out. Everything in its place. No MOOP! (Matter Out Of Place for you non-burner types)


Aloha Keakua, Aloha Kuleana. God is love, we take responsibility for maintaining this truth in all that we do. We define love as the divine energy that flows between beings when they open the doors of respect and vulnerability and cross the bridge of intimacy with intention. Love is a specific calibration of energy, neither pushing nor pulling, rather openly offering and receiving without condition. Love generates more love. Love is not directional and limited. Our access to love is limitless. We do not compete for it, it is abundant.

We engage in a variety of practices to build and direct this magical energy. Maintaining intimate connection with our surroundings, with ourselves, with the universe and with each other allows us to radiate our supportive energy to the loving intentions of others while opening us up to receiving all of the loving support that the universe wants to offer us.


The form of circle embodies both how we gather to be seen and heard, to make decisions, to share our gifts and our love; as well as the philosophy and reverence upon which this culture is founded. No being is higher or more important than another. There are no levels. All beings are equal in value. Leadership is inherent in all of us. A circular rotation is used when leadership is needed or wanted.

Radical Self-Reliance

We accept responsibility for our own experience including our emotions, stories, challenges, and needs. We do not expect others to take care of us. We ask for what we want and accept ‘no’ as a reasonable answer. We are here fully in our power, creating our own life and reality with our words and our actions and our conscious choice. Be prepared!

Radical Self-Expression

“I choose to be me! I am here to be seen and heard!”

We actively and honestly express ourselves, our process, our journey in our words, in our behavior and in our dress. We listen to our bodies, our spirit, our emotions and then act according to what feels authentic to us. We conform only to our authentic self!

Learning and Growth

We are seekers of wisdom. We are seeking to know, understand more about ourselves, each other, the world around us and the world in each of us. We wish to forever be learning and testing new ideas and following what resonates with our souls.


Our guide. Beauty is what we see when we remove all filters that are not love. Beauty shows us the way, allows us to feel which way to go in expressing and exploring our authentic self.


We humbly recognize that we know very little of how this universe works.We also recognize that we influence the world around us in all that we do, think and say and thus, are part of this magic whether conscious of it or not.

Impeccability of Our Word

We understand words to be magic, to create the universe around us. We speak openly and honestly. We ask clearly and positively for what we want.


We learn and love through play, dance, song. We choose to keep our inner child alive!  We are exactly where we want to be and we choose to have fun. We have fun to just to have fun, because it feels good, because we deserve it, because we  created this universe as a playground.

Gifting and Abundance

We recognize that all that we have, all that we are, is a gift. Our DNA was handed down to us following 3 billion years of experimentation. Every bit of knowledge, wealth, land, that we have acquired has come from others, through others, from the Earth who has held and crafted these materials for us. Our spirit is gifted to us by Great Spirit.    Our purpose is to share our gifts with the world around us. We endeavor to offer what we have and what we are with no expectation of return and have faith that the universe will provide for our wants & needs. We accept, with gratitude, the abundant gifts of the beings and the universe surrounding us.