Seeking explorers, adventurers, pioneers.

We are seeking the courageous to do something radically different. We are calling in intentionally family who wants to engage with the world around them in a practice of freedom, love, growth, magic and co-creation.

With this family, we are creating a culture much different than what most of us have known, seen or been a part of. This journey will require vulnerability, openness, strength and determination.  While we might blaze a trail that many may eventually travel, these initial explorations and co-creations may appeal to only a select few who find themselves ready, who have awakened and been called to join on this sacred journey.

  • Do you believe in magic?
  • Do you recognize the divine in all things, the same divine that is you?
  • Are you willing to let go of attachments, expectations, fear, limiting stories and scarcity?
  • Are you willing to embrace abundance?
  • Do you accept personal responsibility for your experience in this lifetime?
  • Do you choose to slow down and take your time?
  • Do you feel called to be a part of a gift based society?
  • Do you embrace connection, union, co-creation, and cooperation with the beings that surround you and agree to make time for this a priority?
  • Are you on a path of learning and growth? Do you embrace opportunities for such?
  • Do you choose to dance and play in the joy and beauty that surrounds you?
  • Are you willing to explore new paradigms of love, sex, relationship, and partnership?
  • Can you be humble yet courageous in exploring and sharing your uniqueness?
  • Do you offer and accept mentoring?
  • Do you recognize healing, not as correcting things that are wrong, but as integrating lessons to be learned?

Does this call to you? Does this sound like home to you? If so, please get in touch with us to connect some more.