Power of Positive Speaking

Offering my observations on the power of positive speaking. This is an ancient lesson that I have come across in many forms and continues to be rebirthed every few years. It is at the heart of “The Secret”, Ruiz’ agreement of impeccability, Tony Burroughs intenders process, is spoken of by Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, most of the major religious works, mystery schools, …. And yet, is still a secret.

As I began to learn and practice this, my first test and meditation was while mountain biking. I found by empirical testing and now relay as anecdote that focusing on the path that I wished to travel was much more effective at protecting my head and my body than was worrying about and trying to avoid the trees and the steep drop-offs. While this is largely positive thinking and intention, I found it very useful to put this into words and speak aloud to myself and others. The difference in thinking and feeling is surprisingly subtle and putting to words forces a clarity that may not be there otherwise.

I continue to run into so many things that put the negative out front. I recognize this as standard marketing tactic and control mechanism. I grew up with “Go to church every Sunday to avoid hell”. I shut the TV out of my life due to “Watch the evening news so this terrible thing doesn’t happen to your children.”. More subtle variants continue to show up in my life, even still quite heavy in “conscious culture”.

Non-violent Communication is an excellent practice and yet the irony has always struck me in the contradiction of the title. Speaking the enemy of violence that we are working against. I can no more say non-violence without envisioning violence then I can hope for a crash free bike ride without envisioning a crash. How about empathic, self aware, and personally responsible communication?

I see workshop titles referring to “These trying and difficult times”. I’m reading Terra Nova, a book about Utopian society based on Love that spends the first 60 pages detailing all of the problems in the world that are the driving reason. I see so many friends with good hearts and intentions trying to ‘save the world’ from all of the problems that they see in it. Speak of the devil and there he is.

It is a subtle and powerful difference. We don’t have to ignore the trees. If we focus on the path, we can appreciate the trees, as we pass, for all of their beauty and the lessons that they have to teach. I no longer fight Monsanto, I am so very grateful that they have shown me and so many others the value of healthy land, real nutrition, variety, cooperation with nature, and smiling faces of farmers within my community able to feel good about what they do, take care of their families, and feed their community. This gratitude energizes my path and brings more of what I want into the world.

If beauty, joy, and harmony are the object, envision and speak of these directly. Give gratitude to all that has helped refine your discernment. Thank those teachers that you no longer choose to work with and let them go. This is the path of Love. This is the dancer way.

I love you all!

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