Balance the masculine and feminine

I’ve heard much about the imbalance of the masculine and feminine in our culture. I see this and feel this and believe that I understand where this is coming from. And, I feel an increasing call for clarity. Many folks who talk about this imbalance give nod to the fact that they are speaking of archetypal or divine concepts and not directly of men and women. Yet, these archetypal terms do not mean the same to all folks who hear them and are simply woo, woo to many.

When I consider the specifics of what seems unbalanced in this culture, the two things that really stand out to me are righteousness and hierarchy. Righteousness is the idea that there is an objective good or right path written of in some ancient text, or signed into law, or in the hands of some uncorrupted indigenous culture, that applies to all. Hierarchy stems from righteousness and is the idea that folks have the right to tell each other what to do and that the natural world is subservient to humankind. While these concepts that emerged with agriculture are responsible for all that we understand as culture and the wonders of the human world, they also lead to the hegemonistic expansion that does not feel good to many of us.

Many folks who hear of our unbalanced patriarchal culture put their energies toward elevating women within the patriarchy. The idea seems to be that if we can just get enough women into public office, and high paying jobs, and hanging on the walls of ashrams and churches, that things will balance out. While I fully support balancing out men and women in the existing system, I feel that it does little to shift that balance that is being spoken of in the ideas of “masculine” and “feminine”. The extent to which women succeed in the existing culture is largely connected with the extent that they choose to embody the patriarchal ideals of righteousness and hierarchy.

In calls to the feminine recently, I have heard the words “power” and “justice” repeatedly. I feel, for me, that these are words to be used with great caution as they have heavy connections with hierarchy and righteousness. Personal power is certainly a strong antidote to hierarchy. However, when the word power is spoken together with a litany of “shoulds” and “makes me”s and in strongly lead workshops and by spiritual “leaders”, I feel that message is confusing at best. “Justice” to me is to “fairness” as “care-taking” is to “nurturing”. I see justice and caretaking as concepts that blend archetypal feminine concepts with ideas of systemic and hierarchical implementation by those with more power, responsibility, and wherewithall.

I invite your consideration that the revolution starts within, from the ground up, from the heart out. The strongest antidote to hegemony is the rise of the individual, you and me and every being we see. Take responsibility for your experience in this lifetime. Accept the power, that is your birthright, to craft with intention the world that you inhabit. Explore the limitless “coulds” rather than being held down and shamed by the “shoulds”. Share your gifts with the world. Learn and grow with others, recognizing that your contribution is valuable. Choose right here, right now; no need to level up; no need to get anywhere or do anything outside of what feels good and right to you. Respect other beings right to do the same. Mentor your children in making decisions and choices that feel right to them. Nurture and encourage their path to being the being that they came here to be.

“You is smart. You is kind. You is important” – The Help

“You is Loved”

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